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Digital X-Rays

An accurate diagnosis is the first step to an effective and successful treatment. Advancements to dental technologies like digital x-rays have made that aspect of dentistry more precise than ever. At Magna Family Dental Studio, we invest in the latest dental technology so we can bring our patients only the highest quality dental treatments.

What are Digital X-Rays?

Digital x-rays have revolutionized the way dentists approach radiography and diagnosis. Instead of using film like in traditional devices, digital x-rays use sensors to capture highly-detailed images of your teeth that are instantly transferred to a computer. This substantially reduces the time it takes to give you a diagnosis and as a result, you can have treatment faster.

Why Should I Want My Dentist to Use Digital X-Rays?

If you are coming to a dentist, you probably want to spend the least amount of time there as possible. Digital x-rays expedite the diagnostic process and have the added benefit of projecting your dental imaging to a screen you can see. Not only is this faster than traditional x-rays, but you can see what your dentist sees in real-time and ask any questions you are considering.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

  • Reduced exposure to radiation
  • Fast results for faster treatment
  • Zero film processing meaning less time in the office and no waste

One Step Further with Nobel Biocare X Guide

The X-Guide is a revolutionary imagining system that is changing how dentists approach many procedures. It uses a series of remote sensors to map and render a highly accurate 3D image of your teeth which helps guide certain dental treatments. The X-Guide essentially functions as a GPS for certain procedures. By combining our digital X-rays and this innovative device we can substantially improve the effectiveness and precision of our treatments.

Do You Want Digital X-Rays Near Highlands Ranch or South Denver, CO?

We got it here at Magna Family Dental Studio! With you not only do you get a caring, personalized treatment, but you also have the added peace of mind that our dentists are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Call us today for your first consultation!

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